Industry One Coffee was born out of a desire to develop the Cairns coffee culture alongside cities such as Melbourne, Wellington etc.  In achieving this we believed it was necessary for Cairns to have its own Specialty coffee roaster;  a roaster focused on the art of hand-crafted small batch coffee roasting, while developing new and emerging roasting trends. 
As a result Industry One Coffee came into existence in July 2010, bringing a new sense of urbanity to the traditional industrial hub of Bungalow, Cairns.  In 2014 we expanded the roasting operation into a purpose built warehouse with espresso bar in Portsmith. The cafe site in Bungalow was sold to a new owner in April 2016 and is aptly named, Industry One Cafe. 
We roast on a 1988 LN-series 12 kg Probat – she truly is awesome & after months of scouring the globe we found her in Echuca Moama, Victoria. We made the phone call and bought her over the phone sight unseen. Bursting with excitement during one of Cairns’ heavy wet season down pours we could hardly contain ourselves knowing we had just committed to making an idea, reality. We have only been impressed by her ability roast beautiful coffee & thank Rebecca, her previous owner, for passing her on to us.  Please come and visit us at roastery - 4-16 Tingira St, Portsmith, Cairns QLD 4870.